How to create unlimited e-mails for Money Robot using your own domain

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How to create unlimited e-mails for Money Robot using your own domain

Hello friends, I just made a video tutorial that will help you all to increase the success rate to the software, this tutorial is designed for advanced users of Money Robot, if you are a beginner, you can ignore this tutorial because the default free e-mails that the software provides are very good, this tutorial will just helping to get a little better success rate into Money Robot software.

You will need any old domain that you don't use anymore, or you can purchase from godaddy an .info domain that cost less than $3, you will also need an cpanel hosting, here are the steps needed to configure your domain with Money Robot.

1. Buy an .info domain or use an old domain that you already purchased
2. Create an e-mail on your domain like : [email protected]
3. In cpanel in "Default Address" section add your e-mail [email protected] to the "farward to e-mail address" section, this will make all e-mails send to * to be forwarded (redirected) to [email protected] (this means all e-mails will be send to this e-mail so the Money Robot software will connect to this e-mail and it will receive any e-mails send to * this also means that we have created unlimited virtual e-mails.
4. Open Money Robot and press on the new campaign button and right click on the form and select "Advanced" this will activate some advanced features from the software and you will need now to create an web profile, this web profile will be stored on your licensed account and you can use web profile for any campaigns that you will start.
5. Press a click to the "Web Profiles" link from the campaign window and your browser will be opened and you will be asked to insert your Money Robot license key.
6. The web profile section is now opened in your browser, this section is used for creating of profiles that will be used all time by your campaigns. Press a click to "Add new Profile" button and now you need to configure the pop3 of your e-mail (follow the steps from the video).
7. Every time you create a campaign you are now able to use your own e-mail domain, this will help you to get better success rate to the software.

Here is the video: 

Hope it is simple to understand :) Bye
Andrew Posts 2
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Waw, this is amazing, not only provides a better success rate, but it will also help us for other reasons, I have seo agency and I want to give reports of backlinks to my clients and it is so great that I can give them now the username/pass/e-mails from my own domain, this is very very useful for me, thank you Nick !
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Nice ! one advanced (hidden) feature available for anyone, thank you Nick and to your great team of programmers and seo experts.
Nick Posts 29
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Hello Edy, we didn't wanted to hide this feature, this feature is recommended for advanced users that use Money Robot for more than one month, this existed to the software for long time but we let know only advanced users about how to use it.

We recommend users to use their own e-mail domain to create virtually unlimited e-mails because this will provide better success rate to submissions, the default e-mails from the software getting banned often by 2-5% of sites. (however we replace the default e-mail domain from the software every 2 weeks) but using your own domain will provide a better success rate to submissions, so we recommend it for all expert users.
Bye bye

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